EI maintains the main hardware for the CyVerse UK project: it originally added 16 256GB 16-core nodes and 16 128GB 12-core nodes to the CyVerse computational pool, together with 482TB of mirrored storage, which are fully reserved for UK pipelines.
Additional funded was granted to increase the computing resources with 40 additional compute nodes (~800 cores): 24 512GB 24-core nodes and 16 256GB 16-core nodes.
We run a private OpenStack cloud that provides Virtual Machines to CyVerse UK and its collaborators. The execution system is deployed as a HTCondor cluster for the heavy-lifting HPC jobs.
EI’s Data Store is federated with the Data Store in the US, meaning that users can find and reuse datasets uploaded in the UK or the US without any extra steps. Currently the storage system is private and you’ll need to [contact us](https://cyverseuk.org/contact/) to be added to the list of authorised users.
Together with the maintenance of this hardware, EI provides support with the implementation of pipelines from the other universities as well as internal workflows.