CyVerse UK strives to be an easy to use platform that lower the entry threshold for researchers to get into bioinformatics. CyVerse UK provides training on different bioinformatics topics (you can check the “events” session to see our past and upcoming events). If you or your institution are interested in hosting a CyVerse UK training get in touch with us and we will be happy to talk with you about the possibilities!
“The trainers were superb. Very approachable, great presenters with engaging personalities and explained things super clearly at a level I could understand. Other than the trainers, I really enjoyed understanding in depth what the typical¬Ě workflow of rna seq data analysis involves and the tools useful at each point “

– one of the trainees at the CyVerse RNASeq workshop

Additional Resources

  • You can find a lot of informations about the project and how to contribute in our Wiki
  • If you wish to run applications in CyVerse UK containers, but don’t need the computational resources you can find the CyVerse UK Docker images in DockerHub: EI docker images, Warwick docker images.
  • Full list of applications running at EI and interface to run jobs: CyVerse UK webapp (requires you to have a CyVerse account).
  • Discovery Environment
Also remember you can always check the US resources too!